Sunday, November 28, 2010

So this is what it feels like?

Finals week?

So here it is... what all the HYPE is about in law school. Exam week of our first semester at law school. Actually I should probably be studying right now but there is only so long I can take looking at the same words. 

UM Law has there first final set for Dec 2. For section C, we start with Civil Procedure, Property, Contracts and then Elements. 

It just seems like I have been working so hard over the last few months to read and keep up with class but by time these exams come now I have forgotten EVERYTHING! How is this possible?? Well I guess my performance this week will dictate my law school career but I just can't seem to find motivation. Except the idea of failing I do not accept. I can't believe one has to work this hard to possibly maintain a C. 

In undergrad getting a C in a class simply meant you had the best partying semester of your life!

My wardrobe for finals has been disastrous, since I want to be comfortable and I do not have much time, it has been victoria secret sweats, with juicy jackets. It is SO COLD in this library I have to wear sneakers or even uggs so my toes don't freeze. 

Hopefully I can redeem myself this next weeks by going tanning and then my hair re-highlighted. :)

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  1. so glad I found your blog! I am going to add you to follows on my blog and Xi Omega Xi's .. hope you are doing well..