Sunday, November 28, 2010

So this is what it feels like?

Finals week?

So here it is... what all the HYPE is about in law school. Exam week of our first semester at law school. Actually I should probably be studying right now but there is only so long I can take looking at the same words. 

UM Law has there first final set for Dec 2. For section C, we start with Civil Procedure, Property, Contracts and then Elements. 

It just seems like I have been working so hard over the last few months to read and keep up with class but by time these exams come now I have forgotten EVERYTHING! How is this possible?? Well I guess my performance this week will dictate my law school career but I just can't seem to find motivation. Except the idea of failing I do not accept. I can't believe one has to work this hard to possibly maintain a C. 

In undergrad getting a C in a class simply meant you had the best partying semester of your life!

My wardrobe for finals has been disastrous, since I want to be comfortable and I do not have much time, it has been victoria secret sweats, with juicy jackets. It is SO COLD in this library I have to wear sneakers or even uggs so my toes don't freeze. 

Hopefully I can redeem myself this next weeks by going tanning and then my hair re-highlighted. :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I said its great to be a FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLE!

Big Win today for FSU
This was a picture from 2009 of John and I tailgating for a FSU game

So yes it is true! The Florida State Seminoles beat the University of Florida Gaytors 31-7!!! Not to mention this means the Noles are headed to the ACC championship next week in Charlotte. 
I'm sure the debauchery in Tallahassee right now is insane! In all my years I have always prayed to the football god to please please let us win and he finally heard my pleas!

But lets take a time out to talk about the fans of each school...

First we will talk about UF... those poor soles, it seems from the state Gainsville is just a fashion-less pig farm that breeds... well pigs. The best option they have to work with is Wet Seal and Im sure a 5-7-9 lurks in that retched town somewhere. Not to mention bright orange and bright blue do not flatter ANYONE. 
Oh my UF ladies! Facial hair removal is a must! okay okay this one is a joke, but maybe she is real a UF fan but we just haven't found her yet.

Sorry this lady forgot her dentures in the trailer! oh well next time she can smile for national tv...

At least this game cheering is calorie burning

My personal favorite... 

I don't think I even need words to describe anything more about UF fans... 

FSU has the best of it all. They get the classy southern bells, the northern upscale chicks, the exotic south florida dimes and best of all they love to party! Tallahassee doesn't the best place for shopping but I think its just right for a college town. 

WE have the Governor Square mall which is your typical suburb mall with stores like Express, Forever 21, Macys, Ann taylor, etc.
 But the best part of Tallahassee is the boutiques, they are great! They have the right amount of classiness mixed with reasonable prices. MY personal favorites stack up like this..
  • Henri girl - from dresses, to scarves, jeans, heels, and even the best jewelry all for great prices. The best spot for a going out outfit causal or dressy. Dress ranged from $40 to $60 but they were marked down pretty often. The store is adorable and coordinated by color.
  • Colt Couture - This is more of an upscale boutique and has classy conservative dresses, tops, jewelry and even some mens clothes. It was great for a brunch dress or meet-the-boyfriends-parents outfit. 
  • Narcissus - has your fabulous evening dress. Dresses ranged from about $90 all the way to $250 depending on the detail and the designer. They are extremely well made and if you found the right one it makes the price worth it. 
  • Rag Junkie - where the funky/trendy clothing is! It was definitely a hit or miss, but if you like unusual clothing this is the spot for you. 
  • Divas and Devils - I was never much of a fan of here because their main hit is the designer jeans and lets be real I hate jeans! ( i dont shave and tan these legs for no reason!)

Now for a quick glimpse of my lovely FSU ladies... particularly the famous FSU cowgirls....
Who doesn't love the FSU cowgirls? Oh yea maybe Brett Farve? Well hey at least Jenn Sterger knows there is no such thing as bad publicity...

I must say girls at FSU did remind me to tan quite often.. 

How cute!

Not to mention if you want to see any other beautiful FSU girls, you can always check my facebook. 

Most of all I would just like to thank UF for keeping ugly girls out of FSU and helping us get to the ACC championship next week! I'm not as heartless as I look though, my pledge to keep up part of the bargain is.... 

I vow to help every fashion-challenged UF fan I see to the best of my ability.  I may not be able to make them good looking but I can sure as damn try to help needy. 

ta ta for now :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Late night tunes

Ridin' Dirtayy

Well back when I was a youngin this saying had a completely different meaning. At this point in my life it means I have my MacBook Pro (aka a law students LIFE) so therefor I drive carefully, park in non-sketch places and shady places, and always take it out of my car. Oh my how things have changed. For you shoppers out there, I know you can relate when you make such a big purchase and you keep it your car, its that anticipation of coming back to your car and making sure your bag is still there :)

But the real deal to make driving my time to relax and actually spend some time not working on law school, is the |\/| |_| $ I C. Now one secret EVERY girl should know is to learn all types of music. Coming from a music family I have always been interested in all types of music. Guys have always seemed to be shocked if I knew more than the typical Britney or Beyonce; they thought it was really a great quality.

My favorite driving music is anything upbeat, mostly House music :0) I have tended to like the European trendy music lately.  (These are all the the youtube videos but if you want to actually watch a good one wait until the last one)
Alors on danse

Since I have my miami influence lately, I have to include this..
Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor)

A throwback that has been mixed in clubs that I really like
The Bomb These Sounds Fall into my Mind

This is the best chill party song and VIDEO :)
Rad Anthem

If only I could just be a artsy music groupie! It would require a totally different wardrobe. If I went the neon route, that would be a lot of vans. If I go hipster its HELLOOOOOO urban and free people; at least I have a mac. But I think I'll just keep it fabulous and sofla :) I don't think I could any other way. I will ride dirty with my macbook and Michael Kors heels any day over those silly moccasins.

Seems like a FINAL sale to me...


Sorry, I had to spell it out in case any other 1Ls were around, I don't want to start a wide-spread panic sensation with that evil word.

So we have finals starting next week, scary thought it is. In midst of my preparation I decided to take off of studying on my self proclaimed holiday of Black Friday. (Although at this moment I would call it RED Friday since when your bank account shows a negative balance its definitely in red not black.) Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn to revise my outlines or take practice exams, i decided to do a little studying of the black friday Ads, same thing right?

I started with my mom at approximately 7 am at Target.

The deals to snag...

  • Air Hogs remote control missile shooting helicopter  $14.50
  • Kitchenaid ultra stand mixer (grey) $199
  • WARING PRO bar blender $29
  • Dirt Devil slender $9 
  • Armor-all Car Care set $15
Next Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Glass Table Top Lazy Susan $9.99
  • Shake Weight $19.99
  • Space Bag 3 piece $9.99
  • Wilton 12-cup muffin pan $8.99
Starbucks, not a black friday deal by an essential
  • Grande White Mocha non-fat no whip $4.74
  • Tall Caramel Brulee $3.86
Lowes... now this is where you can snag the best christmas gift for the gentlemen
  • Shop Vac 14 gallon $29
  • Baseball Cap with LED light $9.99
  • One quart Poinsettia Plant 98¢
  • 8 foot folding table $39
Steinmart, not my place of choice but my moms 
  • Assorted Holiday earrings $5.99
  • Royal Blue Faux sweater $24.99
  • Aqua Crystal Fashion bracelet $7.99
Marshalls.. no black friday deals, except their norm
  • Steve Madden champagne flats $20
  • White Mountain clogs $39
LAST but not least Macys... by this time i was exhausted so i limited my self to the xmas section
  • Lenox Baby's First Christmas ornament $18
  • Hedgehog ornament $4.50
  • Horoscope Lolita glass $24
  • Tropical themed glass ornaments $7

So overall is was very productive as you can tell. Now the trick is to be just as productive during finals week... sigh...