Friday, November 26, 2010

Late night tunes

Ridin' Dirtayy

Well back when I was a youngin this saying had a completely different meaning. At this point in my life it means I have my MacBook Pro (aka a law students LIFE) so therefor I drive carefully, park in non-sketch places and shady places, and always take it out of my car. Oh my how things have changed. For you shoppers out there, I know you can relate when you make such a big purchase and you keep it your car, its that anticipation of coming back to your car and making sure your bag is still there :)

But the real deal to make driving my time to relax and actually spend some time not working on law school, is the |\/| |_| $ I C. Now one secret EVERY girl should know is to learn all types of music. Coming from a music family I have always been interested in all types of music. Guys have always seemed to be shocked if I knew more than the typical Britney or Beyonce; they thought it was really a great quality.

My favorite driving music is anything upbeat, mostly House music :0) I have tended to like the European trendy music lately.  (These are all the the youtube videos but if you want to actually watch a good one wait until the last one)
Alors on danse

Since I have my miami influence lately, I have to include this..
Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor)

A throwback that has been mixed in clubs that I really like
The Bomb These Sounds Fall into my Mind

This is the best chill party song and VIDEO :)
Rad Anthem

If only I could just be a artsy music groupie! It would require a totally different wardrobe. If I went the neon route, that would be a lot of vans. If I go hipster its HELLOOOOOO urban and free people; at least I have a mac. But I think I'll just keep it fabulous and sofla :) I don't think I could any other way. I will ride dirty with my macbook and Michael Kors heels any day over those silly moccasins.

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