Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Trophy Wife Essential

In my journey to procrastinate as much as possible yesterday I found these adorable dresses from Kirribilla on the internet! Problem? ... they are so expensive, but fun to look at!!

Tinsely Dress $395

Back view of Tinsely dress

Cate Dress $395

Vivan Dress $480

Amelie Dress $440

Olivia Dress $495

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Same Dress Different Color

Summer Brights! In the summer time I am all about the bold colors. I actually own this dress in seersucker. (Marshalls $40 -seersucker) I bought it for a wedding I will be attending in atlanta in June. If you have narrow shoulders and a smaller mid line it fits amazing! I own the size 2 and I still have hips.

Jessica Simpson Dress $98 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the little semi-black dress

I did something bad. I must confess! ......

Sooooooooo instead of studying last sunday, I decided to clear my mind and take a trip to the mall. It was just a great refreshing trip until this strange feeling overcame me... 

I saw the sign BCBG, and it was like a moth to a light.... I couldn't stop. I felt like I just floated right on in to the store! However, my inner student budget facilitated me right to the SALE rack. Now passing up a sale is against my religion.

Some of the "oopsies" from my trip :)

BCBG draped contrast dress $108 (30% off --> $75)

BCBG Twisted back Melange shirt $48 (Sale $24)

BCBG T strap Tank $48 (sale $24)

A girl has got to do what a girl has to do!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Yesterday I was doing my typical Marshall's walk through to see if anything seemed interesting.... THEN I FOUND THIS GEM!

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Crested Blazer Black (retail $220)

Well since playing full retail is against my religion, you will be happy to know at Marshall's they were priced $59.99  

They had both the black and the navy styles.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Not a black and white type of girl all the time

So I'm anti-plain but anti-neon... There has to be a middle ground.

For business clothes wardrobe that is blue and gray. I seriously have an addiction to these colors!!!

Sporting my Ralph Lauren blue button down and my Max Studio gray and white skirt. Finished by my gray and black Mary Jane pumps.

-Kitty is on the go, but always keeping you updated via BlogPress ;)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Drawing the Line Neon

When I think of summer, its beach, sun, and fun! Of course all of us girls think about clothes, new styles, and bathing suits. I have seen NEON everything pop up lately for the spring breakers and summer lovers. Occasionally I  have dabbled in the neon world for such things as socials or spring break or music festivals... BUT WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE??!!  I'm afraid my friends we have entered the neon-never-ending-hole of Lisa Frank world, and its not pretty.

I must admit there are a few things on the good list for neon. Neon does may you look tan and gives off the vibe that you like to party (or just came from an 80s party gone bad).

Things on the good list...
Neon bathing suits - they make you look tan...and thats about it

OPI neon nail polish - they brighten up your toes and nails for a fun look
Nike Womens Running Shoe - Because you need to workout and why not have fun

South Beach - nothing is wrong with a little neon party in your life :) 

Among other things there is a bad list...
1. Spring Break Tees are cool while you are ON spring break, after that you donate them so the less fortunate can relive your embarrassments.
2. Neon tanks and shirts are ALRIGHT if you are going to the gym or out for the day or beach but DO NOT wear them to an upscale club/bar and wonder why the bouncer will ask for two forms of ID.
3. neon flip flops, sure for the beach its great, but thats it...


WTF - did you get these made after your favorite neon stickers? no one will take you serious... 

Neon leopard print.. hmmm isn't that her signature???

The worst part about this, is I see hipster kids in miami where this on a daily basis.....

 Nothing is okay with hot neon pink satin bows and a bathing suit..... it kinda looks like her hair accessories but for a different area of hair! what the heck?!?!? people buy this?

TOMS???????? LISA IS THAT YOU???? BRIGHT GLITTERY NEON HIPSTER (JAIL LOOKING) MOCCASINS..... did I die or did Lisa's design team make these... I do not understand all the rage for these Toms hipster shoes. they look like the jail moccasins convicts get.
Not to mention glitter is her trademark. 

Now the REAL Lisa Frank can re-establish herself from all these impostors..


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Serious Goddess Syndrome

For the brief moments in my life when I desire to have a huge luxury home on the water in Fort Lauderdale... wait, I think I want this ALL the time. Anyways I have always LOVED greatly landscaped and designed backyards on the water. That goes along with a great pool, and outdoor furniture.

I am in lust with the South Beach look of the white cushion chaise lounge chairs. When looking at it it just makes you think you can lie back read your Skinny Bitch book and enjoy a daiquiri while pretending it has 0 calories. (but that doesn't matter, calories do not count on vacation... its this weird phenomenon)

Corsica Single Chaise - Pottery Barn $1099

I think this just screams south florida lifestyle! minus the foliage in the background and replace that with enormous stucco houses crammed together with massive yachts and cheesy landscaping :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring/Summer Footwear

ITSSSS here!

its FULL fledge springtime and soon to be summer time!! And my favorite part about that is footwear! Bust out those tan, white and neutral shoes! from wedges to strappy sandals :)

My favorite wedge...... Wooden Wedge Sandal BCBG $275

Best summer slingback..... Jessica Simpson - Astor Wedge $79

 Summer pump... Christian Louboutin $795

Sexiest sandal heel - Colin Stuart Braided Platform Sandal $78

hippie sandal - Nicole Peace $73

(all photos from internet) 

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Last weekend we went to see Wicked...

Oh my god it was amazing!!!!

It was the typical cynical story of the prefect bubbly blonde Glinda vs. The brunette witty different Elphaba....

I must say during the play Glinda single handledly won my heart when she had a wall of sparkly shoes but everytime she saw it she bowed down to it. ;)

Unfortunately in real life Elphaba (jackie burns) takes the cake!!! And this is unusual for me to admit a brunette wins...

Actress - Jackie burns..

Some pictures from my viewing in fort lauderdale...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A question to ponder?

Sorry for my lack of word vomit on my blog lately. It's a mix of my steadfast attempts to get skinny and pass law school. Forgive me master.

I was thinking of a recent law firm recruiting event I attended...


So to get any job or network you will have to be able to make conversation. It's just a fact of life. If you cannot carry a convo you are out! Just as a PNM would be disinterested.

A good convo example, kinda.

Your mannerisms are KEY!!!! So if you look uninterested all of a sudden who ever you are talking to will become uninterested. You should always smile and be engaged in the words coming out of the other persons mouth. This actually is the hard part cause sometimes listening to employers talk about the filing system they use at work is way worse then having to explain to a PNM the breakdown of her dues. Also if you are lucky enough to be a function with food, it gets tricky. So you have to balance eating politely but knowing when not to pick up your fork. Same as the water cup in recruitment. Some girls grasp on to that for dear life, you have to be able to relax and be smooth ;)

Hmm bad - looking bored


Do not eat with your mouth open

Dress to impress, my favorite topic! Business formal is CLEARLY not as fun as matching floral print for recruitment. But you still need to look sharp. It's important to be put together, if your clothes are not tailored you may reflect a look of not caring.

Perfect of course ;)

The problem is one of adjustment. Yes adjustment and no not your chiro. If your buttons like to pop open, shirts rise, skirts turn around, sleeves scrunch up then FIX it but not obviously. The worst is to keep tugging on your clothes while trying to carry a convo. Recruitment you luckily have this miracle worker called spanx, those babies do not let anything move that's for sure.

Fix yourself

Finally judgment. And not meaning this is any negative or positive way. When you talk to employer you are judging them as well. Thinking to yourself if the office has enough good looking employees, you can be entertained by their personalities, you like what they do at Least a little bit, what is your reputation if you work there and then you judge yourself thinking if you are qualified to be given an offer.

Go ahead judge me I dare you!!!

OMG it's the exact same for recruitment. Think about it.

- Kitty is on the go, but always keeping you updated via BlogPress ;)