Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spotlight - Rent the Runway

Are you tired of constantly spending a lot of money on great dresses for an event when you know you will not wear it again?  Or the excitement for an event always has you yearning for something new and sparkly? (at least I know that is my problem!)

Well, I have a solution... RENT THE RUNWAY!

All you need to do:
1. simply browse through tons of FABULOUS designers
2. reserve your date & size (you get a backup size for FREE & if they do not fit still you do not pay!)
3. pay a small sum to rent the dress especially compared to some of the designer names.
4. get your dress, look AMAZING, and return the next day!

Serial new dress buyers, we have met our MATCH.

Some seriously awesome finds!

Herve Leger - Gold Glimmer Stapless Dress 
(rent for $200 as compared to $2800 retail!)

Trina Turk - Zig Zag Shift Dress
(rent $65 as compared to $338 retail)

Yigal Azrouel - Selma Gown
(rent for $250 as compared to $1495 retail)

*all images and information from

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weddings Wardrobe - The Wedding Reception

Finally, I get to think about great outfits to the actual reception for guests! Whether its a beach wedding, an exclusive yacht club wedding or even a country farm wedding - you can still look fabulous. It's possible to celebrate that you are still single, the bride has to talk to all her guests, you can choose only the handsome ones :)

The Formal Evening Wedding Attire 

Adrianna Papell Tiered Iridescent Chiffon Dress $138 

Max & Cleo Ruffled One Shoulder Dress $158

Alice + Olivia One Shoulder Drape Dress $242

Alice + Olivia One Shoulder Goddess Dress $297
(for a fun spin off of the first one)

BCBG Mitzi Sleeveless Satin Cocktail Dress $298

The Day Wedding Attire

BCBGeneration Side Flutter Sleveless Dress $108

BCBG Palais One Shoulder $248

Lily Pulitzer Eryn Dress $298

The Beach Wedding Attire

Forever 21 Geo Strapless Dress $22.80

Shoshanna Strapless Full Skirt Dress $185

Rory Beca Tempest One Shoulder Dress $271

BCBG Fei Fei Strapless Dress $278

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding Wardrobe - The Rehearsal Dinner

The night or two before the actual wedding, the wedding party/ close family will normally gather for some sort of dinner like event to celebrate the marriage before the wedding. There is no set theme and these events can vary from a small dinner in a church basement  to a luxury yacht outing.

Needless to say, you still need to look good right? If you are in the wedding party this will be a time when there will be attention on you, to maybe make a small toast or simply be pointed out as the "cute single bridesmaid".

Ellie Tahari Bryce Dress $378 
(for the conservative high class dinner)

Shoshanna Gathered Bodice Dress $340
(Spring/Summer Time outdoor dinner)

Riller & Fount Kimono Mini Dress $142
(for your nicer restaurant dinner rehearsals)

Collective Concepts Floral Dress $79
(pair this with a cardigan and you have a perfect casual dinner outfit)

Settings for such event like the rehearsal dinner can be extremely different, you may think it is casual but then find out it is at the Viceroy in Miami. Just like how you prepare to find out if there are single groomsmen, you always look good :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wedding Wardrobe - The Bachelorette Party

Now the P@RTY begins. Its officially OKAY to look like you work at Scarletts tonight! This a ladies night to celebrate the brides last night before the paper work kicks in, aka - you need to grab every mans attention in the bar to make him do funny things for the nights entertainment. Sorry boys, you will be pawns tonight.

We need something fun but hawt! Sometimes the bride to be might wear one color and everyone else black. Here are some ideas as what to wear.

Arden B - Two Tone Razor Cut Dress $79

Victoria Secret - Lace Corset Bra Top Dress $69.50

Bebe - Cut Out Bodicon Dress $59

And just for fun! Pleaser - Teeze Pump $123

You need to have fun heels, especially if your night might have some Chip n Dale surprise guests :)

Wedding Wardrobe - The Bridal Shower

So this girls only function of games and judging is when you get to bust out the floral, lace and prissy.

Tibi - Painted Long Blossom Dress $695

Trina Turk - San Mateo $248

Lily Pulitzer - Bowen $157.44

Seemingly bright colors and patterns other women would appreciate is key. You want to look cute, not like you work at Scarletts. This particularly is not my favorite style, and no its NOT because I like to look like I work at Scarletts.

Think sororit recruitment, meeting your boyfriends parents, yacht club and Lily explosion. With those powers combined you can become Captain Pretty Bridal Shower Guest.

Wedding Wardrobes - The Engagement Party Essentials

So if you are in your twenty-somethings, then you have already started seeing the plethora of the after college whats-next-step-engagements... After evaluating your own life what do you think of next?

WHAT DO I WEAR? (well at least I do)

You see the facebook notification, the text/phone calls, and then you get the engagement party invite.

It is most likely a casual party with drinks and food. Besides adorable photos you need the right outfit to scout out available single groomsmen.

Andrew Marc - Kayla $124

Mima Chica Ruffle Dress $44 (Nordstrom) 

Simple Sleeveless Dress $13.50 (Forever 21)

Dont worry you can lie and say you are just gonna wear something you have. Your secret to look bombshell is safe with me :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Keys Couture

My summer obsession has been cover-ups lately. I'm not sure if it is because I really want a cute new accessory or if it is because my finals-eating-habits need to be COVERED UP. (Most likely both)

I'm really into white for a summer cover up, after I become a bronze goddess, it will suit a tan. Maybe south beach style is rubbing off on me?  Found some potential ideas?

Free People Moonlight Breeze Tunic $128

Joie Bahamas Tunic $198

Lucca Dress by L*Space $128

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Trophy Wife Essential

In my journey to procrastinate as much as possible yesterday I found these adorable dresses from Kirribilla on the internet! Problem? ... they are so expensive, but fun to look at!!

Tinsely Dress $395

Back view of Tinsely dress

Cate Dress $395

Vivan Dress $480

Amelie Dress $440

Olivia Dress $495

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Same Dress Different Color

Summer Brights! In the summer time I am all about the bold colors. I actually own this dress in seersucker. (Marshalls $40 -seersucker) I bought it for a wedding I will be attending in atlanta in June. If you have narrow shoulders and a smaller mid line it fits amazing! I own the size 2 and I still have hips.

Jessica Simpson Dress $98 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the little semi-black dress

I did something bad. I must confess! ......

Sooooooooo instead of studying last sunday, I decided to clear my mind and take a trip to the mall. It was just a great refreshing trip until this strange feeling overcame me... 

I saw the sign BCBG, and it was like a moth to a light.... I couldn't stop. I felt like I just floated right on in to the store! However, my inner student budget facilitated me right to the SALE rack. Now passing up a sale is against my religion.

Some of the "oopsies" from my trip :)

BCBG draped contrast dress $108 (30% off --> $75)

BCBG Twisted back Melange shirt $48 (Sale $24)

BCBG T strap Tank $48 (sale $24)

A girl has got to do what a girl has to do!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Yesterday I was doing my typical Marshall's walk through to see if anything seemed interesting.... THEN I FOUND THIS GEM!

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Crested Blazer Black (retail $220)

Well since playing full retail is against my religion, you will be happy to know at Marshall's they were priced $59.99  

They had both the black and the navy styles.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Not a black and white type of girl all the time

So I'm anti-plain but anti-neon... There has to be a middle ground.

For business clothes wardrobe that is blue and gray. I seriously have an addiction to these colors!!!

Sporting my Ralph Lauren blue button down and my Max Studio gray and white skirt. Finished by my gray and black Mary Jane pumps.

-Kitty is on the go, but always keeping you updated via BlogPress ;)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Drawing the Line Neon

When I think of summer, its beach, sun, and fun! Of course all of us girls think about clothes, new styles, and bathing suits. I have seen NEON everything pop up lately for the spring breakers and summer lovers. Occasionally I  have dabbled in the neon world for such things as socials or spring break or music festivals... BUT WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE??!!  I'm afraid my friends we have entered the neon-never-ending-hole of Lisa Frank world, and its not pretty.

I must admit there are a few things on the good list for neon. Neon does may you look tan and gives off the vibe that you like to party (or just came from an 80s party gone bad).

Things on the good list...
Neon bathing suits - they make you look tan...and thats about it

OPI neon nail polish - they brighten up your toes and nails for a fun look
Nike Womens Running Shoe - Because you need to workout and why not have fun

South Beach - nothing is wrong with a little neon party in your life :) 

Among other things there is a bad list...
1. Spring Break Tees are cool while you are ON spring break, after that you donate them so the less fortunate can relive your embarrassments.
2. Neon tanks and shirts are ALRIGHT if you are going to the gym or out for the day or beach but DO NOT wear them to an upscale club/bar and wonder why the bouncer will ask for two forms of ID.
3. neon flip flops, sure for the beach its great, but thats it...


WTF - did you get these made after your favorite neon stickers? no one will take you serious... 

Neon leopard print.. hmmm isn't that her signature???

The worst part about this, is I see hipster kids in miami where this on a daily basis.....

 Nothing is okay with hot neon pink satin bows and a bathing suit..... it kinda looks like her hair accessories but for a different area of hair! what the heck?!?!? people buy this?

TOMS???????? LISA IS THAT YOU???? BRIGHT GLITTERY NEON HIPSTER (JAIL LOOKING) MOCCASINS..... did I die or did Lisa's design team make these... I do not understand all the rage for these Toms hipster shoes. they look like the jail moccasins convicts get.
Not to mention glitter is her trademark. 

Now the REAL Lisa Frank can re-establish herself from all these impostors..