Saturday, April 9, 2011

Serious Goddess Syndrome

For the brief moments in my life when I desire to have a huge luxury home on the water in Fort Lauderdale... wait, I think I want this ALL the time. Anyways I have always LOVED greatly landscaped and designed backyards on the water. That goes along with a great pool, and outdoor furniture.

I am in lust with the South Beach look of the white cushion chaise lounge chairs. When looking at it it just makes you think you can lie back read your Skinny Bitch book and enjoy a daiquiri while pretending it has 0 calories. (but that doesn't matter, calories do not count on vacation... its this weird phenomenon)

Corsica Single Chaise - Pottery Barn $1099

I think this just screams south florida lifestyle! minus the foliage in the background and replace that with enormous stucco houses crammed together with massive yachts and cheesy landscaping :)

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