Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A question to ponder?

Sorry for my lack of word vomit on my blog lately. It's a mix of my steadfast attempts to get skinny and pass law school. Forgive me master.

I was thinking of a recent law firm recruiting event I attended...


So to get any job or network you will have to be able to make conversation. It's just a fact of life. If you cannot carry a convo you are out! Just as a PNM would be disinterested.

A good convo example, kinda.

Your mannerisms are KEY!!!! So if you look uninterested all of a sudden who ever you are talking to will become uninterested. You should always smile and be engaged in the words coming out of the other persons mouth. This actually is the hard part cause sometimes listening to employers talk about the filing system they use at work is way worse then having to explain to a PNM the breakdown of her dues. Also if you are lucky enough to be a function with food, it gets tricky. So you have to balance eating politely but knowing when not to pick up your fork. Same as the water cup in recruitment. Some girls grasp on to that for dear life, you have to be able to relax and be smooth ;)

Hmm bad - looking bored


Do not eat with your mouth open

Dress to impress, my favorite topic! Business formal is CLEARLY not as fun as matching floral print for recruitment. But you still need to look sharp. It's important to be put together, if your clothes are not tailored you may reflect a look of not caring.

Perfect of course ;)

The problem is one of adjustment. Yes adjustment and no not your chiro. If your buttons like to pop open, shirts rise, skirts turn around, sleeves scrunch up then FIX it but not obviously. The worst is to keep tugging on your clothes while trying to carry a convo. Recruitment you luckily have this miracle worker called spanx, those babies do not let anything move that's for sure.

Fix yourself

Finally judgment. And not meaning this is any negative or positive way. When you talk to employer you are judging them as well. Thinking to yourself if the office has enough good looking employees, you can be entertained by their personalities, you like what they do at Least a little bit, what is your reputation if you work there and then you judge yourself thinking if you are qualified to be given an offer.

Go ahead judge me I dare you!!!

OMG it's the exact same for recruitment. Think about it.

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