Saturday, February 5, 2011

White Hot

The White Party for UM law is next Friday at the W in South Beach! Clearly this is going to be a wild event!!! The main thing on my mind? - wardrobe of course!! Main thing not on my mind? -food!!

I LOVE white when it looks good on ;)

As we can see i already love the color white. I have a sweetheart lined dress that is hot! So that part is down..

NEXT jewelry! So it has silver zippers on the sides.

1. My white watch for sure!!!!
2. Im thinking some big all silver earrings!!!!

THEN hair?

First we have the curls that i do (its always hit or miss) but inexpensive!

Then the hair straightening i do...

Then the hairstylist blow out..

I wish i had a picture of when i get my hair curl by a professional but that might be my beat option!!!

I'm actually really excited!! The guest list includes...









And my special guest...


Welp, let's just hop I survive the night without spilling, falling, or johns pants on me to keep my self covered. Amen

-Kitty is on the go, but always keeping you updated via BlogPress ;)

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