Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wedding Wardrobes - The Engagement Party Essentials

So if you are in your twenty-somethings, then you have already started seeing the plethora of the after college whats-next-step-engagements... After evaluating your own life what do you think of next?

WHAT DO I WEAR? (well at least I do)

You see the facebook notification, the text/phone calls, and then you get the engagement party invite.

It is most likely a casual party with drinks and food. Besides adorable photos you need the right outfit to scout out available single groomsmen.

Andrew Marc - Kayla $124

Mima Chica Ruffle Dress $44 (Nordstrom) 

Simple Sleeveless Dress $13.50 (Forever 21)

Dont worry you can lie and say you are just gonna wear something you have. Your secret to look bombshell is safe with me :)

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