Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Professional style

My recent Fashion endeavor has been business style clothing. My entire life my day wardrobe has had it's own style.

From pre k to high uniforms were about all I spent money on to wear to school EVERYDAY for about 15 years of my life

Then in college day time clothes were frat tees and sorority shirts. It's still a mystery to me why I actually picked out what shirt to wear in the morning.

Now in law school is a melting pot of random shirts and shorts, there is still this type of unspoken dress code to look cute but semi professional?

Then not for long it will be into the working world of an attorney which will consume my life of business suits and well, the color black. (not like my wardrobe isn't already this).

So my quest has been to find reasonably priced day to day business clothes AND at the same time look SEXY in my business clothes but still office appropriate ;) The next step of course is to start looking!

There are tons of looks that can put together the best office sheek look.

If you already are tall with long legs the best look seems to be tailored dress pants with the tucked in blouse or dress shirt. A skinny belt matching the closed toed heels always finish off the look for me.

My personal favorite is the high skirt with a silky loose blouse tucked in, this can be paired with a cardigan or a blazer depending on the occasion.

The blazer. Those words can mean a lot of things. First you have the traditional suit blazer commonly seen on overly business women and 80's dress suits for the go getters. Second the new age working blazer the doesn't close andis more tailored to your shoulders and arms, the lighter the blazer the more commonly it can be dressed down at work. Then you have the I'm attempting to be fashion forward OR an actually hot blazer paired with a great night outfit.
Don't get me wrong I think blazers are ideal for more conservative events or people, but you will never catch me at LIV rocking a blazer over my mini dress...

My favorite catch so far of all this business shopping: BCBG blazer.

- Kitty is on the go, but always keeping you updated via BlogPress ;)

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